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Five Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

When it comes to dating etiquette, there are certain things you just never want to say to your girlfriend. Unless you’ve managed to find yourself a unicorn, chances are good that letting particular phrases out of your mouth will land you in very deep, very hot water. See the infographic below to learn five things you should not say to your bae, unless of course you’re trying to push her buttons. So, you’ve done it; you’ve said something that you shouldn’t have, and now your woman is yelling at you, and you’re yelling right on back. Before you worry, don’t. It’s okay. It’s a reality of what seems like the vast majority of relationships that you and your woman will...

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Are These Crazy Characters Keeping You From Getting Dates?

For some, dating may seem utterly impossible for the simple reason that they never get asked out. Does this sound familiar? It could be that you’re forgetting something important, like, say, brushing your teeth twice a day or showing off that big, beautiful smile, or it could be more than that. It could be that potential dates are perceiving you as one of those people who nobody wants to ask out. Dating is hard work, we know, but make sure you haven’t turned into any of these crazy characters nobody wants to date. Quick Tips for Evicting Those Crazy Characters Smell You Later, Bad Breath Bob Really, unless you’re a 10-year-old boy, your mom shouldn’t have to tell you to...

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