Let’s Banish the Online Dating Stigma

It is the year 2016, and at this point, online dating has been around for far too long for there to still be any sort of stigma attached to it, but many people still avoid internet dating opportunities because of negative perceptions. A variety of studies have shown that online dating is the second most common way that couples meet nowadays, and yet those of us on online dating sites still come across people who wrinkle their noses or roll their eyes at any mention of dating and the internet. Why do some of us still have these perceptions? Let’s banish the negative stigma attached to online dating!

Meeting someone in real life is better.

This is a typical comment made by internet dating naysayers, and to them, we should all answer, “Why?” Seriously, why is meeting your significant other in real life “better” than meeting him or her online? Meeting someone in your daily life or through your friends may be the oldest way to do it, but traditional doesn’t have to mean better. Online dating simply provides more opportunities for meeting new people. To say that one way is better than the other is like saying one cola tastes better than the other. It comes down to personal preference; just because I’m a Pepsi gal myself doesn’t mean that I think poorly of Coke-drinkers. Let’s stop thinking about dating methods as being better or worse and start encouraging each other to just go for it! It takes guts to put yourself out there, even if it’s only on the internet, and no one should be telling you that you’re “doing it wrong.” You do you.


I’m not desperate enough for online dating.

Although we already touched on this when we discussed common myths about online dating, it begs another turn at the spotlight. Far too many people believe that online dating is only for those desperate to meet someone new because they’ve exhausted all other options. If you make online dating your last resort, then you’re already setting yourself up for negative experiences. Telling yourself, “If this doesn’t work, I’m done with dating,” puts that option for failure in your head. Stop it! We all need to stop thinking about online dating as a last resort and start thinking about it as a valid dating opportunity that can provide you with a simply massive sea within which to fish. You don’t have to be at a point of desperation to try online dating. You just have to have your line in the water.    


Are you ready? Let’s make a pact right here to put an end to the online dating stigma.

If you’re ready to give online dating a shot or want to give yourself a better chance at it, check out our book, Clueless, Dateless, Loveless, for science-based online dating advice. We wish you good luck with all of your online dating endeavors! Don’t let those naysayers get you down.

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