First In Person Meeting Safety Tips

You’ve been chatting with a cute guy or gal online for some time now, and you think it’s time the two of you meet in person. We’re so excited for you! Unfortunately, we must also take a moment to play Mom and Dad in order to give you this important piece of online dating advice: not everyone on the internet has good intentions. For some of us, the dangers of the internet have been ingrained in us from the reenactment videos we had to watch during our secondary educations. For others of us, the internet still seems like such a new, mysterious prospect that we’re just not sure how to navigate it. Whether you’ve recently discovered the joys of the internet or have been surfing the web since you were young, be sure to consider these safety tips when you decide to meet your online honey in person for the first time. We don’t care how careful you think you are; please, just keep reading.

Five Safety Tips For Meeting Your Online Partner In Person

Plan a morning or daytime date.

This safety tip is pretty self-explanatory. The daytime is typically safer than the nighttime. By opting for breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, or even daytime drinks rather than a dinner date, you ensure that you are not left alone with your date in the dark. Once you get to know him or her, feel free to continue your relationship however you see fit, but being cautious beforehand can be a good idea. Besides, a lunch date gives you the perfect opportunity for a midday respite from your daily stresses.

Tell someone else your plans.

This is a good rule to remember whether you’re off to meet your online match for the first time or are heading into the depths of the Rockies for a long camping trip: tell someone else where you’re going! If someone is expecting to see or hear from you by a certain time, then that person can alert the appropriate parties or authorities if you don’t return and direct them to where you were supposed to be. We’re not trying to scare you, we promise, but this is such a simple step to take considering it could make all the difference in your safety.

Meet at a neutral public location.

It may be tempting to head over to your online honey’s place for a homecooked meal and real privacy for your first meeting, but this is not recommended. Until you truly know the person you’ve been emailing back and forth with, avoid meeting up at his or her home, inviting him or her to your home, as well as agreeing to be picked up in his or her vehicle. Drive yourself to your first meeting, and choose a populated public place to meet at, such as a restaurant. You may even make it a point to choose a place outside of your neighborhood for extra safety.

Do not leave your first meeting together.

It may also be tempting to leave together, especially if you get a ride or take a cab to your date location, but you should avoid this as well. Your date may even offer to walk you home if you live within walking distance of your chosen location. Don’t allow this. Your date doesn’t need to know where you live after just one meeting. Truly get to know your online honey before letting him or her get close to your home. That’s your safe space.

Be prepared to defend yourself.

Ladies especially, if you think it will make you feel safer to carry pepper spray or a taser or even just wear a heavy pair of boots, then go for it. You should never hesitate to make yourself more comfortable. That being said, educate yourself on any weapons you may carry, such as a taser, and be sure to receive the proper training in how to use them before carrying them on a regular basis. The last thing you need is an attacker using your own self defense tool against you.

If you’re not too afraid to give online dating a chance by now, and we hope we haven’t made you too terribly nervous, be sure to keep these safety tips in mind for your first meeting with your online partner. Not having luck through online dating methods? You can find scientific online dating advice in our affordable book Clueless, Dateless, Loveless. We hope you find the love you’re looking for! Stay safe!

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