Are These Myths Stopping Your From Dating Online?

More and more people are beginning to do their house hunting online. They’re searching for cars, furniture, and even groceries, all from the comfort of their own homes! Why not search for love using the same efficient and far-reaching platform? Yes, we’re talking about online dating, and no, it’s not only for the desperate and unattractive. If this myth or any others have been keeping you from giving online dating a shot, keep reading! We’re dedicating this blog post to busting all of the myths that are stopping you from dating online. Keep browsing our website to discover the online dating advice we have to offer. 

Do you believe any of these online dating myths?

Online dating is for the desperate.

Many people look at online dating as a last resort. They figure they’ll give some popular online dating site a try if this next relationship doesn’t work out or if the “right someone” doesn’t reveal him or herself within a certain period of time. Others avoid online dating altogether because they have a perception of online dating as being everyone’s last resort, filled with desperate singles who will go out with anyone. Allow us to clear something up: online dating is NOT for the desperate. It is for single ladies and lads who wish to expand the pools in which they’re fishing. That’s it.

Online dating is for hookups, not relationships.

While there are specific applications and websites out there that are dedicated to hooking up, online dating is about much more than sex. Unless you’ve found yourself on the wrong website (or the right website…), you’ll find that most singles using online dating sites are looking for long-term relationships. If you do encounter someone online who is not looking for a relationship, it’s on you whether or not you want to talk to or meet with that person.

Nobody tells the truth on online dating sites.

I’ve decided to create an online dating profile (eeek!), but I just don’t think I’m tall, skinny, pretty, or interesting enough to get any dates, so I’ll just fib a little bit and use a model’s picture. Sure, this type of online dating deceit seems easy, but what about when I arrive for my date and look nothing like I described myself? Chances are, that date may be over before it starts. Unfortunately, deceit is something you will likely encounter while dating, but that applies to dating in every form, whether that means a couple of 12-year-olds seeing a movie or a couple of midlife singles getting to know each other online. Don’t let that stop you from trying online dating.

We must share all of the same interests and hobbies.

Online dating websites can be somewhat misleading. Singles describe all of their interests and their hobbies on their profiles, causing many to assume that the other person needs to have all of the same interests and hobbies for the them of you to click. This is simply not true. The saying that “opposites attract” is as common as it is because it can be true. Just because he likes fishing and you like reading doesn’t mean the two of you won’t work out. A quiet evening beside the water makes an excellent reading opportunity.

People won’t take my online dating relationship seriously.

This myth is what’s left of the old perceptions of online dating. When the idea of online dating was first introduced, many folks were skeptical and failed to take relationships that started online seriously, but this is not the case anymore. These days, almost everyone either has or knows someone who has given online dating a try. In fact, people are more and more often becoming shocked not by online couples but by couples who met in person. Meeting someone online is a norm at this point, not something to be embarrassed about.

Online dating is dangerous.

Although there are risks in online dating, these risks exist while doing anything on the internet, and there are plenty of risks involved with traditional dating as well. Just remember to be smart: don’t give out personal information, be sure to meet in a public place, and don’t be afraid to block or report a user if he or she is behaving inappropriately.

Stop believing these online dating myths, and take a chance! If you want to do everything you can to make your online dating experience a successful one? Invest in a copy of Clueless, Dateless, Loveless, a book full of research and science-based online dating advice. Have questions? Contact us online.

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