5 Valid Excuses to Try Online Dating

Have you ever tried online dating?

If you answered “no” to this question and are single, we have just one question for you: why the heck not?

Here at, we believe that everyone should give online dating a shot at least once. There are so many reasons why, we’ve decided instead to present you with some valid excuses to try this amazing use of internet technology. Think you don’t have a good reason to try online dating? Read the following excuses, and then see if you can still say the same thing.

5 Valid Excuses to Try Online Dating


I’m not meeting any new people.

Do you go out with your friends on a regular basis just to flirt with the same bartenders, hear the same horrid karaoke mixes, and watch the same drunkies fall all over themselves as they attempt to use the bathroom? We understand that dating within your local pool can oftentimes look like this, and you can start to feel as if you’re just not meeting any new people anymore.

If you can relate to these feelings of hopelessness in the dating pool that is your place of residence, why not increase the size of it by millions? One of the most common pieces of online dating advice people give is simply to try online dating. If you don’t think there are “enough fish in the sea,” that’s probably because you’re fishing in a local pond when you could be throwing that bait into the oceanic wonderland that is the internet.


I don’t trust new people.

This really isn’t a bad thing; in fact, a common mistake made by many people new to dating is over sharing, but online dating can help put your distrustful little heart at ease. By meeting someone online, you can opt to get to know that person a little bit better before ever having to meet him or her in person. Of course, there are plenty of liars and fabricators on the internet, but you’ll find just as many of those at your local grocery store, so I wouldn’t let that put you off.

When you choose online dating, you’re also choosing to have total control over who you want to talk to, who you want to meet, where you want to meet that person, and how long after starting to talk that this meeting takes place. Many dating sites even provide users with background checks, so there’s no reason to be nervous.


I don’t have time to meet someone new.

If the majority of your time is already promised to other commitments and responsibilities, such as your career, your education, or your children, then you may not have the time to date in the conventional sense of the word. Your hectic life may simply leave you with no time or opportunities to meet that special someone, or if you were to meet him or her, you may be moving too quickly to even notice.

A simple piece of online dating advice: make it work for you. If you can only get online to check in on your profile late at night, chances are you’re not alone. Plenty of other busy online dating users message one another at times other users would find inappropriate. This is one of the joys of online dating; there are no schedules, which makes it easy to fit into yours.


All of my friends are in relationships.

It can certainly seem as if every friend group has that one perpetual third wheel, the guy or gal who remains single while everyone else is getting engaged, married, and even pregnant. If this is you, don’t worry. The other perpetual third wheels out there feel for you, as do the millions of singles currently participating in online dating.

If you’re tired of feeling like the only single person south of Antarctica, then why not give online dating a try? Isn’t it about time you had the chance to experience the mystery, the excitement, and the adventure of meeting someone new with whom there is a personal and romantic connection? Yeah, we think so, too.


I don’t know how to date.

Of course, there are a million little pieces of both offline and online dating advice we and others could offer you, but here’s the secret: there’s no referee who’s going to come over and throw a penalty flag on your table because you mispronounced your food order or managed to get a massive piece of spinach stuck in your teeth.

The best way to have a successful date is to be there with the right person, and online dating is a tried and tested method for finding that person. Even if you’re not looking seriously, online dating provides a relatively stress-free way to get your feet wet, go on a few dates, and get some confidence. Bottom line: dating doesn’t have to be a chore. Go have some fun!

So, how do you feel now? Still think you don’t have a reason to try online dating? Have you decided to give it a shot but are having trouble with the profile? Get your copy of Clueless, Dateless, Loveless, a book of science-based online dating advice and profile creation tips. Have questions about our website or product? Please don’t hesitate to contact us online.

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