Great Ideas for the Perfect First Date

When you are meeting people online, one of the biggest steps you’ll take is deciding to take the relationship offline and meet in real life. That first date can feel like a lot of pressure! Will they be as funny and charming in real life? Will you? Take a deep breath and get excited about meeting this person you’ve enjoyed online in real life. Our online dating advice team has advice for first dates that can met your first meeting memorable (in the best way possible!).

Where to Go For Your First Date

Keep It Simple With Coffee

Sometimes the best first dates are the simplest ones. If you are both especially nervous about meeting and just want to keep it lowkey, just head to your local coffee shop. It’s a great way to test the waters and see if that spark occurs offline, too. If it does, you can always continue the date with one of these other ideas. If it doesn’t, you can just leave once the coffee (and the romance) gets cold.

Head to Your Local Board Game Shop

More and more board game cafes are popping up across the country, and these are great locations for first dates. These cafes have libraries of board games that you can borrow and play at your table. Board games are the ultimate way to check out someone’s personality; are they competitive? Do they enjoy a mental challenge? Are they devious (and do you like it?)? Board games usually leave some time for chatting, too, without awkward silences.

Picnic in the Park

Getting out into nature is a great way to learn more about each other! There will be minimal distractions so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk and get to know one another even better. Keep the food simple; the more complicated the food and drink, the more chance there is for potential disaster. Pick up a bottle of wine and some nice bread and cheese for a Paris-in-the-park feel or keep it real with pizza and beer. Just be sure throw your trash away when you are done!

Volunteer Together

Even if the date goes wrong and you never want to see each other again, you’ll still have the satisfaction of knowing you did some good in the world! Volunteering is a great way to share your common interests with each other, too. If you both love animals, volunteer for a day at the local shelter walking dogs. Or if you are both passionate about helping the homeless, go volunteer at the local soup kitchen. It’s a great way to bond and do a little good for your community.

Try Out Your Crafty Sides

Crafty dates are entertaining, romantic, and sometimes hilarious. Look for places in your community that welcome beginners. Check out paint-your-own-pottery stores or sip-and-paint classes that offer you a glass of wine while they teach you to paint. You’ll have time to chat while you create your works of art. If the relationship gets serious, you’ll have an awesome keepsake from that first date, too.

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