Best & Worst First Date Ideas

If you’ve grown up dreaming of the perfect drive in movie with Danny Zuko or lying in the middle of the road late at night with Allie Hamilton, we have some bad news. First dates aren’t like they are in the movies. Replace the love at first sight googlie eyes and romantic background music with uncontrollable awkwardness and the muffled sounds of swallowed burps, and you’ll get a little bit closer to what a first date in the real world is like. Don’t worry, we’re not saying first dates can’t be amazing outside the realm of fiction. Of course they can! You just need the right person and the perfect first date idea!

Deciding what to do on your first date can be a tricky endeavor. You don’t want to bore your date, but you don’t want to overload him or her with a mile-long itinerary either. Here’s something we hope will make things a bit easier. See below to view an infographic detailing some of the best and some of the worst first date ideas. Maybe you’ll learn something about dating etiquette, see something you like, or become inspired with your own idea.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect First Date

Keep it Intimate

There’s a reason a wedding or even drinks with friends do not make great first date ideas, and that is because it’s not just you and your date. The first date is important for getting to know each other, and inviting others into that dynamic may also invite a date disaster. You may adore your friends, but what if your date doesn’t get along with them? Besides, if you’re busy trying to entertain your buddies, who’s going to entertain your date?

Do Something Your Date is Good At

Has your date expressed a talent for bowling, dancing, or hitting homers? Let him or her prove it at the bowling alley, dance club, or batting cages for your first date. Everyone appreciates the periodic opportunity to show off, especially for a potential bae. That being said, don’t choose a first date idea based on the opportunities it gives for you to show off. That’s tacky.

Know Your Boundaries

You’ve been talking to this amazing person online for some time now, and you think it’s time to meet. Your date suggests his or her favorite bar for your first date, but you haven’t yet disclosed that you’re six months sober and can’t be around alcohol. What do you do? Here’s a hint; it’s not go to the bar anyway. It’s important in all circumstances to know your own boundaries and not put yourself in uncomfortable or dangerous situations. It’s okay to veto your date’s idea if it will put you in a place you don’t want to be in. Protect yourself.

We hope your first date goes swimmingly! Just remember everything you learned here, and you won’t have any problems choosing the perfect first date idea. Want to learn more about online dating etiquette? Check out our book!

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